NEW Exhibits

New Exhibits - Spring 2019

The Illustrations of Fred Womack
Lincoln County native, Fred Womack, was educated at the American Academy of Art - Chicago and was an illustrator for many well known publications and clients. He was published in the Saturday Evening Post, Jack and Jill, and the Chicago Tribune, to name only a few. He illustrated comic strips, advertisements, and brochures for numerous well-known companies. The FLC Museum is proud to announce an exhibit of his work.

Antique Bottles
Pete Hastings bought a property in Fayetteville that initially, unbeknownst to him, was filled with dozens of old bottles. The discovery of these treasures sent Pete on a journey of education and excavation as he became a nationally recognized expert in antique and vintage bottles.  He has since obtained more property within the City of Fayetteville that has proven to be a treasure-trove of glass. Coca Cola bottles, local prescription pharmacist's bottles, and other special finds are featured in this new exhibit.

The History of Firefighting and Law Enforcement in Fayetteville/Lincoln County
A look back at some of the antique equipment, uniforms, and photographs of our local firefighters and law enforcement officers.